Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Meeting New Friends

Well,  After a fairly chilled out day of eating sleeping, splashing and cheeping The Mommy and Daddy came home.  We got fresh water and food (for about the 5th time today as we like to make a mess) then we got properly introduced to our new sisters.  It was a bit scary but we stood our ground, and did a bit of cheeping, crispy even tried to peck the little one, the tilli, because she is a bit enthusiastic and likes to get close!
SEE!!!!  Crispy being brave!

The Kai sister is pretty friendly though, she's the one who watches us in our cage.  Here's Crispy showing Kai who's boss!

So, after an exciting end to our day we're all going for a snooze and will probably have a bit of a cuddle with the daddy before bed time, he likes watching us too, aren't we popular :-)

Night nigh, P, C & O xx

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Our first swim!

Hi again,

It's only lunch time but we have already had a rather busy day.
This morning we had cuddles in our box with the daddy, we didn't try to escape too much today as we were still a bit sleepy but we did peck the daddy a bit :-) he didn't seem to mind though, we said hi to the puppies too, they are quite interested in us but i think we scare them a bit.
The mommy and Daddy went out for a while and when they came back the got us out of our house again, this time though we ended up on a towel on the floor with a miniature swimming pond.  Not too sure about it we mostly just ran through it quickly but orange was brave and stood in the water for a while.
We had a nice run around though and tried climbing up the mommy to escape but she caught us and put us back in our makeshift pen.  I think we will be having a quiet afternoon though now as the daddy has to go to work he said, and the mommy is going to walk the puppies.

Anyway we're off for a bit of lunch and a snooze so will report back tomorrow after a sneaky bit of growing.  bye for now, P, C & O xx

Monday, 23 May 2011

Our new home!

Well hello,
We are only 4 days old today but we have already had an eventful few days.  After breaking out of our shells on Thursday and drying off we had a couple of days in a barn with our brothers and sisters but on Sunday morning when the roof opened, and we were expecting food we got a bit of a shock as we were lifted out and shut inside a cardboard box.
We weren't too sure what was going on and so did a fair amount of shouting as we were being jostled around and it was all a bit bumpy there for a little while and a finger kept poking in through one of our breathing holes so we pecked that a couple of times.
It all went still and quiet apart from a bit of talking, our box opened up and it was a bit bright outside so we huddled in the corner and cheeped a bit, then one by one we got evicted from the box and put into a a nice new cage with a heater and some food and water!
Not sure what to make of all this we went and hid under the heater for a while, it was nice and warm under there too so that was a bonus.

Anyway, that was yesterday and mostly we were just watched a lot, today we have had a good explore around our new house, we are still a bit unsure about the people who keep watching us but they seem friendly enough and keep taking us out for cuddles in nice warm blankets.  We do quite like this but still have to cheep a bit so they know we're here.

After a busy day mooching and eating and splashing today both the people came home, we suppose they must be our new mummy and daddy because they keep coming back to see us.  The daddy had us out of our house again but all together this time!  We tried our best to catch him out and jump around so he couldn't get us all at once but in the end we just gave in and had a nice little cuddle and play in the box - look!

Now play time is done we are back in our nice new house for the night and will probably go for a snooze soon.
we'll keep you updated on any interesting events though so come back soon :-)  we're sure someone mentioned swimming tomorrow!

Night Night xx P,C & O