Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Meeting New Friends

Well,  After a fairly chilled out day of eating sleeping, splashing and cheeping The Mommy and Daddy came home.  We got fresh water and food (for about the 5th time today as we like to make a mess) then we got properly introduced to our new sisters.  It was a bit scary but we stood our ground, and did a bit of cheeping, crispy even tried to peck the little one, the tilli, because she is a bit enthusiastic and likes to get close!
SEE!!!!  Crispy being brave!

The Kai sister is pretty friendly though, she's the one who watches us in our cage.  Here's Crispy showing Kai who's boss!

So, after an exciting end to our day we're all going for a snooze and will probably have a bit of a cuddle with the daddy before bed time, he likes watching us too, aren't we popular :-)

Night nigh, P, C & O xx

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