Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Our first swim!

Hi again,

It's only lunch time but we have already had a rather busy day.
This morning we had cuddles in our box with the daddy, we didn't try to escape too much today as we were still a bit sleepy but we did peck the daddy a bit :-) he didn't seem to mind though, we said hi to the puppies too, they are quite interested in us but i think we scare them a bit.
The mommy and Daddy went out for a while and when they came back the got us out of our house again, this time though we ended up on a towel on the floor with a miniature swimming pond.  Not too sure about it we mostly just ran through it quickly but orange was brave and stood in the water for a while.
We had a nice run around though and tried climbing up the mommy to escape but she caught us and put us back in our makeshift pen.  I think we will be having a quiet afternoon though now as the daddy has to go to work he said, and the mommy is going to walk the puppies.

Anyway we're off for a bit of lunch and a snooze so will report back tomorrow after a sneaky bit of growing.  bye for now, P, C & O xx

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